Daniels Spectrum

aka Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre


Regent Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Diamond Schmitt



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(2013) The concentration of social housing in this city center neighborhood of Toronto have historically made this a very rough, neglected neighborhood. There was little commerce and few services for the residents, and even the police would think twice before coming through here. It was basically Toronto's version of Chicago's Cabrini-Green. But much like in Chicago, Toronto has launched a multi-phase project to tear down the old, delapidated buildings and to revitalize the neighborhood with a mixture of new commerce, schools, services, and housing, which intersperses both market rate condos for yuppies and new social housing. This building is part of that redevelopment effort, and contains several schools, community art facilities, and after-school and weekend youth programs. This is the back alley of that building.